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SS2017 Alice · əɔ!l∀

SS2017 Alice · əɔ!l∀

Have you ever really stopped to wonder? Stared into the mirror and asked "just who is this person?" Then, perhaps, you began to imagine, to plummet into a spiralling vortex of thoughts, to question your very self-existence. So many words and concepts are out there, preaching self-enhancement, trying to persuade you to become something better, but is that really what you want? To live according to someone else’s definition of success? To be ever lost, not knowing or coming to an understand of, you, yourself? Who are you really?

Taken on this concept, our SS17 collection 'Alice.əɔ!l' is the answer for such matters.

Behind the Lens


LEO & LIN had the honour of shooting its first SS collection, "Alice.Alice", in one of the Australian National Trust’s landmark locations – Labassa mansion. Labassa is an outstanding Victorian era mansion with opulent architectural features and a glorious sense of history; quite simply, it is the most lavish of the few surviving nineteenth-century mansions located in Melbourne, Australia, the birthplace of LEO & LIN.

Enchanting, luxurious and otherworldly, it was the perfect candidate in which to incarnate LEO & LIN's ‘Alice in Wonderland’-inspired collection. No other setting could help us unfold this fairy tale so dramatically.

LEO & LIN invites everyone to immerse themselves in this fantastical journey and indulge  their own long-overdue magical dreams.

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