FW2018 Love Is Fate

FW2018 Love Is Fate

The echoes of love enchant through the sound of ocean waves. They splash onto the shore, white as purity as love, strength as powerful as love. Now to ask:

What is love

  • its like there was this predicted fate, brought individuals together to from bonds. Bonds that your body and saul immerse in with - be them your loved ones, your friends, your family.

  • it gives you happiness, gives you sadness, gives you the power to do unimaginable things. it happens of anywhere anytime.

  • Love always finds its way, to conquer, to win, to spread joy into mankind, to shape this world full of possibilites and positiveness.


  • Videographer:
    Steven Chee

Operator Assistant:

Jack Dillon, Michael Comninus

Stylist: Nadene Duncan

Stylist Assistant: Alejandra Garran

Hair: Richard Kavanagh

Make up: Aimie Fiebig

  • Music: Original soundtrack

    by Olive Musique

Talent: Rose Freemantle

Elle Mcnamara

from IMG

Behind the Lens


Clovelly is a small and tranquil beach located at the end of a narrow bay in Randwick, New South Wales, its rocky shoreline a scintillating congruence of all that is powerful and profound in nature. Storm-battered surfaces linger above the ocean, creating an illusion of horizon which captivates the viewer, instantly drawing them in. The apparent distinction between these hard rocky outcrops and the peaceable ocean waves fuses directly with our FW18 “Love is Fate” design direction – even those forces which seemingly clash can in themselves become a great source of harmony. As a result, we chose Clovelly Beach as our primary shooting location for this collection.

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