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Informed by modern silhouettes and luxury tailoring, LEO & LIN is inspired by an independent woman who chases her dreams always looking her best.

We pride ourselves on making fashion that’s both positively feminine and romantic. The LEO & LIN woman is a juxtaposition of sorts – she’s tough and warrior-like in spirit, but draws on a sophisticated softness as well. She embraces all that fashion has to offer from minimalism’s vacant stare to an embellished decadence when seeking her own female empowerment.

With a philosophy steeped in crafted elegance and built on quality, we like to play with notions of avant-garde contouring and embrace the whimsical – because fashion should always be about having fun.

LEO & LIN believes every woman is an individual, she’s a realist, a dreamer, cultured and independent and that’s why we cater to her many changing needs - from work to cocktail hour and from fashion’s street style to glamour gowns.

This quality collection keeps her core interests at heart and we deliver this via a curated journey of fashion that’s all about premium fabrics, European runway inspiration and a global perspective.